Flarble® Games

These are just a few ideas for games you can play…

  • By yourself just fly one straight up and see how many times you can catch it in a row.
  • By yourself try to fly one in a coffee cup or on a table that is a few feet away.  Setting a waste basket on the floor for a target is also a great game if you are by yourself.
  • If you find you are aeronautically challenged-set up a bigger garbage can a few feet away.
  • With two or more players you could fly one back and forth and see who catches it more
  • See who can fly one into a wastebasket more than another
  • Draw a target with sidewalk chalk in your drive-way and see who can get closest to the bulls-eye.

Marbles to Flarble® you ask?

Most of the common marble games can be very easily adapted to become Flarble® games.  Just think in three dimensions.  One way you can play with Flarbles® that you cannot play with marbles is on the grass!

  • “Ringer” can be played by drawing a one foot circle in the center of a ten foot circle.  Players stand outside the ten foot circle and fly their Flarbles® toward the small circle.  Any player that flies their Flarble® and lands in the smaller circle might win their choice of one or some, but not all, Flarbles® within the ten foot ring.
  • “Bridgeboard” can be played with a board that has cut-outs in the form of arches with a different number above each arch.  The board can be set up on a table and the Flarbles® can be flown through the arches.  The one with the highest score wins.
  • “Nine Holes” or Flarble® Golf. This can be played by any number of players indoors or outdoors and in any location.  You can play in your neighborhood, along a safe city street, in the woods, in your house or at school during recess.  One player starts by flying his or her Flarble® towards the target, which could be a basketball hoop, a wastebasket, a box, through a tree, under a table-anything!  Then the next player tries to duplicate that play.  Players keep track of how many tries it takes to duplicate the plays and take turns being first.  The player that has the lowest score after nine or eighteen ‘holes’ wins.

If you come up with a truly original game please let us know.  You can send your idea to .  The different games you can play with Flarbles® are only limited by your imagination.

If you have pictures of you and your friends playing Flarble® games we would like to see them. You can send pictures to the same e-mail above.

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