Flarble flying toy

Flarble® Hand Therapy

Flying, or even trying to fly, Flarbles® is an excellent exercise.  In speaking with a representative from a local childrens hospital, we have found flying these are great for hand eye coordination and in helping to develop both large and small motor skills.  We would like to offer at no cost to any Children’s hospital as many Flarbles® as you feel you would like to use for therapy with your patients.  Whether mental or physical, if our toy can be of value in helping a child regain use of a part of themselves they have had to do without, or simply to put a smile on their face, then our endeavor has had merit.  Please have your director contact us regarding your needs.

Flarbles are also available to licensed therapy centers for adults at a lower cost than to the general public.

We would love to hear your success stories and see pictures of children or adults using Flarbles® for any therapeutic purpose.  You can send them to: .

Making people smile is what this program is all about.

An Encouraging Testimony We Received About the Use of Flarbles as Hand Therapy

"We had a young boy in our office for one of our educational programs in the afternoon. He was slowly melting down, and eventually got up, kicking back his chair, which rolled into our glass front door and shattered it. That scared him, and he started throwing anything he could get his hands on, tried to further break the door, and hit a staff member. The other kids were scared and we got them out of the room immediately. Long story short, we figured out that he hadn’t had anything to eat all day, and got him something to eat, which helped, but the thing that actually helped the most was handing him a Flarble! It was safe for him to throw, he was enthralled with it, and it kept him safe until his mother arrived. This family has very little, and when we asked the mother to come in to discuss next steps, she was nervous we would ask her to pay for the door (we didn’t) and nervous we would kick him out of the program (we didn’t). We came up with a plan to always have a volunteer with him and to make sure he is fed when he is here. We gave him a few more Flarbles to share with his siblings and to keep him occupied, and he could not have been more thrilled.

I can also tell you that the instructors LOVED the Flarbles, and took chalk to create targets and competitions with the kids, and the kids had a great time with them! It was a huge hit! I expected that – I didn’t expect the impact it would have on our toughest kids, and I simply can’t thank you enough. You likely saved this child from either harming himself or further harming one of our staff members, and there are no words to express my gratitude for that."